Opening Ceremony and Plenary Session
June 11, 2012 Monday, 09:30 - 11:00   Room: 109  
Professor Aydogan Ozdemir, PMAPS 2012 Chair  
Welcome Speech  
Professor Roy Billinton, PMAPS International Society  
Welcome to PMAPS   
Professor Muhammed SAHIN, Istanbul Technical University President  
ITU - A Leading World University  
Professor Lina Bertling,  Chalmers University Of Technology  
Keynote Speech : On Probabilistic Aspect on Smart Grid Technologies,Smart Maintenance for a Sustainable Power System
Selected Paper Sessions (SPS)
June 11, 2012 Monday, 11:30 - 12:30
Selected Paper Session 1  Monday June 11, 11:30 - 12:30
Chair Ömer Usta, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey Room : 109
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
SPS 1.1 28 Fault Trees Applied to Protection System Reliability Analysis George Anders, Robert W. Beresh, Alvaro Torres
SPS 1.2 77 Transmission Expansion Planning Including Unreliability Costs Luiz Antônio Manso, Paulo Eduardo Abreu, Leonidas Resende, Armando Leite da Silva
SPS 1.3 57 Reliability Evaluation of the 2-out-of-3 Voting Gates Structure in a Generation Rejection Scheme Using Markov Models Kai Jiang, Chanan Singh
Selected Paper Session 2  Monday June 11, 11:30 - 12:30
Chair Aydogan Ozdemir, Istanbul technical University, Turkey Room : 127
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
SPS 2.1 95 Probabilistic Benefit/Cost Analysis in Transmission System Planning  Wenyuan Li, Roy Billinton, Wijarn Wangdee
SPS 2.2 176 Probabilistic ramp detection and forecasting for wind power prediction Carlos Ferreira, João Gama, Vladimiro Miranda, Audun Botterud
SPS 2.3 56 Stochastic Modeling of Multi-Area Wind Power Production Anthony Papavasiliou, Shmuel Oren
Techical Sessions (TS)  (M1, M2, M3 & M4)
June 11, 2012 Monday, 14:00 - 15:30
Session 1   Reliability Analysis-I Monday June 11, 14:00 -15:30
Chair   Roy Billinton, University of Saskatchewan, Canada Room : 109
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS M1.1 39 Latin Hypercube Sampling for the Probabilistic Evaluation of Composite Power System Reliability Robert  Green II, Lingfeng Wang, Mansoor  Alam, Chanan Singh
TS M1.2 40 A Probabilistic Second Supply Source Model to Enhancing Service Reliability of a Major Distribution Load Ali Chowdhury
TS M1.3 65 Comparison of Wake Models for Reliability Analysis  Hagkwen Kim, Alex Sprintson, Chanan Singh
TS M1.4 79 Comparison between Different Cross-Entropy Based Methods Applied to Generating Capacity Reliability Reinaldo Gonzalez-Fernandez, Armando Leite da Silva
TS M1.5 302 Reliability- and cost-centered optimization of maintenance- probabilistic strategies George J.  Anders, Henryk Maciejewski, Jaroslaw Sugier, John  Endrenyi 
Session 2 Risk Analysis-I Monday June 11, 14:00 -15:30
Chair   Ramazan Caglar, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey Room : 107
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS M2.1 131 Simulation approaches in cascading risk assessment Emanuele Ciapessoni, Diego Cirio, Andrea Pitto, Stefano Massucco, Federico Silvestro
TS M2.2 80 Risks, Load Shedding and System Separation during Emergency Situations Antans Sauhats, Vladimir Chuvychin, Diana Zalostiba, Eduard Antonov, Vadims Strelkovs
TS M2.3 248 Risk-Based Evaluation of Different Layouts for Supplying Power to Plant Auxiliaries in a Combined Cycle Power Plant Mirko Palazzo, Ali Akhavein, Slawomir Wola
TS M2.4 264 Designing A Financially Efficient Risk-Oriented Model for Maintenance Planning of Distribution Systems: A Practical Perspective Leila Jalili, Masoud Sadeghi, Mahmud Fotuhi, Peyman Dehghaniyan, A. Rajabi-Ghahnavieh
TS M2.5 204 Risk-Based Demand Response Scheduling for Optimal Spinning Reserve Provision Mohsen Yazdaninejad, Mahmoud-Reza Haghifam
Session 3 Energy Markets-I Monday June 11, 14:00 -15:30
Chair   Fred Turner, PMAPS International Society, Canada Room : 127
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS M3.1 100 A Probabilistic Method for Electricity Market Evaluation Considering High Risk Events with Low Probability Yusheng  Xue, Jie  Huang, Zhao Yang Dong
TS M3.2 119 Augmented Lagrange Hopfield Network for Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch with Fuel Constraint Dieu Vo Ngoc, Weerakorn Ongsakul, Peter Schegner
TS M3.3 127 Probabilistic Method for Wind Production Forecasting and Energy Markets Trades Optimization in Power System with Large Wind Specific Gravity  Mario Turcik, Irina Oleinikova, Artjom Obushev, Michal Kolcun
TS M3.4 101 GenCo's Bidding Strategy with Risk Consideration using Self-organizing Hierarchical PSO Chanwit  Boonchuay, Weerakorn  Ongsakul
TS M3.5 70 Bidding Strategy for Wind Generators Considering Uncertainties in the Wind Velocity and Market Price  Songbo Qiao, Shrestha Govinda
Session 4 Monte Carlo-I Monday June 11, 14:00 -15:30
Chair   Jaeseok Choi, Gyeongsang National University, Korea  Room : 215
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS M4.1 82 Representation of Wind and Load Correlation in Non-Sequential Monte Carlo Reliability Evaluation Julio Dias, Carmen Borges
TS M4.2 139 A method for sizing DG onto the buses of a Medium Voltage Distribution Network by Monte Carlo Simulation Enrico Zio, Maurizio Delfanti, Livio Giorgi, Valeria Olivieri, Giovanni Sansavini
TS M4.3 216 Reliability Evaluation of Generation Systems via Sequential Population-Based Monte Carlo Simulation Leonel Carvalho, Diego Issicaba, Mauro Rosa, Joel Ramos, Vladimiro Miranda
TS M4.4 217 Monte Carlo Simulation of Community Wind Generation in Rural Western Kansas Todd  Halling, Anil Pahwa
TS M4.5 27 A Comparative Study of State Selection Techniques in Voltage Stability Probabilistic Assessment of Composite Systems Anselmo Rodrigues, Ricardo Prada, Maria da Guia da Silva
Techical Sessions  (M5, M6, M7 & M8)
June 11, 2012 Monday, 16:00 - 17:30
Session 5 Reliability Analysis-II Monday June 11, 16:00 -17:30
Chair   Mahmut Fatuhi-Firuzabad, Sharif University of Technology, Iran Room : 109
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS M5.1 21 Adequacy Impacts of Wind and Hydro Coordinated Operation in Power Systems Rajesh Karki, Po Hu, Roy Billinton
TS M5.2 60 Applying a Probabilistic Approach to Transmission Network Reliability Assessment Milton  Edimu, Ronald Herman, Charles Trevor Gaunt
TS M5.3 87 Reliability Analysis of Alternate Wind Energy Farms and Interconnections Dongbo Zhao, A. P. Sakis Meliopoulos, George J. Cokkinides, Ramazan Caglar
TS M5.4 73 Customer interruption costs (CICs) for composite power system reliability analysis Oliver Dzobo, C.T Gaunt, R. Herman
TS M5.5 218 Evaluating the Impact of Wind Power Uncertainty on Power System Adequacy Esteban Gil
Session 6 Condition Monitoring-I Monday June 11, 16:00 -17:30
Chair   Vladimiro Miranda, INESC Porto, Portugal  Room : 107
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS M6.1 103 Condition Monitoring Benefit for Offshore Wind Turbines Sebastian Thöns, David McMillan
TS M6.2 117 On Improvements of Power Transformer Condition Monitoring by Considering Thermal Models Johanna Rosenlind, Patrik Hilber
TS M6.3 83 Blackout PRA based identification of critical initial conditions and contingencies Pierre Henneaux, Pierre-Etienne Labeau, Jean-Claude Maun
TS M6.4 128 Time Based Maintenance Optimization of Medium Voltage Network Components using LCC Analysis Jochen Bühler, Gerd Balzer
TS M6.5 225 Availability of power plant supply during major failures in the 380 kV transmission system Marco Fleckenstein, Gerd Balzer
TS M6.6 278 Determining of the Optimum Routine Test  Interval for a Set of Protective Relays Mohammad Hadi Zare, Ali-Reza Sedighi, Ahmad Mirzaei
Session 7 Power Flow-I Monday June 11, 16:00 -17:30
Chair   Anil Pahwa, Kansas State University, USA Room : 127
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS M7.1 137 Probabilistic Power Flow Simulation allowing Temporary Current Overloading Wander Wadman, Gabriël Bloemhof, Daan Crommelin, Jason Frank
TS M7.2 149 Three Phase Probabilistic Load Flow in Radial Distribution Networks Alexander Melhorn, Aleksandar Dimitrovski, Kevin Tomsovic
TS M7.3 182 Application of the Artificial Bee Colony algorithm to the Optimal Power Flow with incorporation of FACTS devices Linda Slimani, Tarek Bouktir
TS M7.4 236 Probabilistic Load Flow Considering Correlation For Power Systems with Wind Generation  Oluwabukola  Oke, David W.P Thomas
TS M7.5 74 Optimal Distributed Generation Placement  in Radial Distribution Systems Ali Arefi, Mohammad Reza Andervazh, Akbar Yavartalab, Javad Olamaei
Session 8 Smart Grid-I Monday June 11,  16:00 -17:30
Chair   Syed Islam, Curtin University, Australia Room : 215
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS M8.1 267 Advanced Load Management Effects on Smart Grid Reliability: The need for new reliability indices Amir Moshari, Akbar Ebrahimi
TS M8.2 120 A Novel Control Scheme of DGs Considering Operation Uncertainties in a Microgrid with Renewable Energies  Hong-Tzer Yang, Jian-Tang Liao, Kai-Chung Chu
TS M8.3 59 Security of Supply in Active Distribution Networks with PHEV Based Strategic Micro-Grids Dilan Jayaweera, Syed Islam
TS M8.4 273 Probabilistic Home Load Controlling Considering Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Uncertainties  Mohammad Rastegar, Amir Safdarian, Mahmud Fotuhi-Firuzabad, Farrokh Aminifar
TS M8.5 284 Applying Fuzzy Techniques to Model Customer Comfort in a Smart Home Control System  Mahmoud-reza Haghifam, Amin Mohsenzadeh, mohammad hosein Shariatkhah
Techical Sessions (T9, T10, T11 & T12)
June 12, 2012 Tuesday, 09:00 - 10:30
Session 9 Smart Grid-II Tuesday June 12, 09:00 -10:30
Chair   Akihiko Yokoyama, The University of Tokyo, Japan Room : 109
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS T9.1 62 Smart charging of plug-in vehicles under driving behaviour uncertainty Marina González Vayá, Göran Andersson
TS T9.2 135 Challenges in Smart Grid Reliability Studies Vijay Venu Vadlamudi, Rajesh Karki, Gerd Kjolle, Kjell Sand
TS T9.3 6 DG Planning by Optimizing Distribution System Techno-commercial Attributes Sreekanth S, Nilanjan Senroy, Abhijit Abhyankar
TS T9.4 212 Multivariate Stochastic Modeling of Plug-in Electric Vehicles Demand Profile within Domestic Grid Ehsan Pashajavid, Masoud Aliakbar Golkar
TS T9.5 190 A Novel Fuzzy-Logic-Control for a Z-Source Inverter as a Transformer-Less Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power Conditioner Javad Olamaei, Atefeh Bahmanabadi, Karim Abbaszadeh
Session 10 Monte Carlo-II Tuesday June 12, 09:00 -10:30
Chair   Lalil Goel, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Room : 107
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS T10.1 237 Stochastic Assessment of the EVs Potential for up and down-Regulation Services: Impacts of Charging Infrastructure Scenarios Alicja Lojowska, Dorota Kurowicka, Georgios Papaefthymiou, Lou van der Sluis
TS T10.2 251 Operating Reserve Assessment Incorporating a Stochastic Electric Vehicle Model Leonardo Bremermann, Mauro Rosa, Manuel Matos, João Abel Peças Lopes, Jean Sumaili
TS T10.3 260 Comparison of cost models for estimating customer interruption costs Karin Alvehag, Lennart Söder
TS T10.4 41 A Multi-Area Approach for Evaluating the Impacts of HVdc Transmission System Forced Unavailability on Power System Resource Adequacy Bagen Bagen, Dange Huang
TS T10.5 266 Assessing the Investments in Customer-Driven Distributed Generation Under Uncertainty Cedomir Zeljkovic, Nikola Rajakovic
Session 11 Power Flow-II Tuesday June 12, 09:00 -10:30
Chair   Marko Cepin, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia Room : 127
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS T11.1 175 A Probabilistic Approach for Multiobjective Optimal Allocation of Voltage Regulators and Capacitors in Three-Phase Unbalanced Distribution Systems. Part I: Theoretical aspects Guido Carpinelli, Christian Noce, Angela Russo, Pietro Varilone
TS T11.2 174 A Probabilistic Approach for Multiobjective Optimal Allocation of Voltage Regulators and Capacitors in Three-Phase Unbalanced Distribution Systems. Part II: Numerical Applications Guido Carpinelli, Christian Noce, Angela Russo, Pietro Varilone
TS T11.3 262 A Probabilistic Approach for Optimal Capacitor Placement in Unbalanced Distribution Systems Using NSGA_II Mehrdad  Tarafdar Hagh, Murtaza Farsadi, Sadjad Galvani
TS T11.4 63 Weighted and Constrained Consensus for Distributed Power Flow Control Le Yi Wang, Caisheng  Wang, George Yin, Yang Wang
TS T11.5 15 Multi-Criteria Design of a Hybrid Power System with Stochastic Supply Ahmed Saif, Hatem Zeineldin, Scott Kennedy, James Kirtley
Session 12 Reliability Analysis-III Tuesday June 12, 09:00 -10:30
Chair   John Endrenyi, Toronto, Canada Room : 215
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS T12.1 12 Averaging Operating States with Infinite Mixtures in Reliability Analysis of Transmission Networks Håkon Kile, Kjetil Uhlen
TS T12.2 282 Issues of virtual power plants on the reliability Sebastian Stepanescu, Marc  Osthues, Christian Rehtanz
TS T12.3 286 Idaho Power's Experience in the Collection of Transmission Lines Unavailability Data Milorad Papic, Perry Van Patten, Thomas Menten, Linda Thomas, Aydogan Ozdemir
TS T12.4 36 Construction and Evaluation of RCAM Model for Power Transformers in Turkish National Power Transmission System Aydogan Ozdemir, H.Aysun Koksal
TS T12.5 192 Reliability Assessment of Double Price Cap Electricity Market: Collective Contribution of Non-Pivotal Firms to Capacity Withholding  Seyed Saeid Mohtavipour, Mahmoud-Reza Haghifam,  Fallahi
Techical Sessions  (T13, T14, T15 & T16)
June 12, 2012 Tuesday, 11:00 - 12:30
Session 13   Renewable-I Tuesday June 12, 11:00 - 12:30
Chair   Diana Zalostiba, Riga Technical University, Latvia Room : 109
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS T13.1 146 Determining Capacity Credit for Wind used in MISO Resource Adequacy Brandon Heath, Charles Tyson, John Lawhorn
TS T13.2 50 Influence of Different Wind Turbine Types Failures on Expected Energy Production Danijel Topić, Damir Šljivac, Dražen Mandžukić
TS T13.3 44 Hybrid Enumeration and Conditional Probability Approach for Reliability Analysis of Power Systems with Renewable Energy Sources Bordin Bordeerath, Panida Jirutitijaroen
TS T13.4 173 Optimal Operation Scheduling of Pumped Storage Hydro Power Plant in a Power System with a Large Penetration of Photovoltaic Generation Considering both Reliability and Fuel Cost Ryota Aihara, Akihiko Yokoyama, Fumitoshi Nomiyama, Hidemi Kihara
TS T13.5 177 Reserve optimization to improve operational reliability in deregualted power system with PV power penetration QIAN ZHAO, Peng Wang, Lalit Goel, Yi Ding
Session 14 Power Quality-I Tuesday June 12, 11:00 - 12:30
Chair   Sakis Meliopoulos, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA Room : 107
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS T14.1 270 Characterization of public low voltage grids by clustering time series of power quality parameters Max Domagk, Jan Meyer, Peter Schegner
TS T14.2 10 Studies on Voltage Drops Caused by Intermittent Loads Using Gram-Charlier Series Expansion Ying-Yi Hong,  Jun-Jie  Wang
TS T14.3 259 Prediction of Voltage Sags Applying the Method of Critical Distances to Meshed Power Networks Marios Moschakis, Spyros Loutridis, Vasilis Dafopoulos, Anestis Anastasiadis, Thomai Tomtsi, Emmanuel Karapidakis, Antonis Tsikalakis
TS T14.4 315 A Study on Hierarchic Voltage Profile Control in High and Low Voltage Distribution System Takao  Tsuji, Yu  Furudate, Tsutomu  Oyama, Takuhei  Hashiguchi, Tadahiro  Goda
Session 15 Energy Storage-I Tuesday June 12, 11:00 - 12:30
Chair   Damir Šljivac, University of Osijek, Croatia Room : 127
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS T15.1 166 A New Energy Storage Sizing Technique Considering Ramp Rates of Conventional Generators Zhiyong  Gao, Peng Wang
TS T15.2 121 Probabilistic Estimation of Systemwide Electric Vehicle Charging Demand Nima Tehrani, Shrestha Govinda, Wang Peng
TS T15.3 126 Quantifying Spinning Reserve for Uniform System Reliability Considering Wind Power Guodong Liu, Kevin Tomsovic
TS T15.4 132 Design of a Load Management System for Electric Vehicles Based on a Stochastic Model Johannes Rolink, Christian Rehtanz
TS T15.5 142 Metaheuristic Optimization of Electric Vehicle Charging Strategies in Uncertain Environment Stephan Hutterer, Franz Auinger, Michael Affenzeller
Session 16  Others-1 Tuesday June 12, 11:00 - 12:30
Chair   Jovica Milanovic, The University of Manchester, UK Room : 215
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS T16.1 151  Web Based Online Real-time Outage Cost Assessment Information System of Power System JinTaek Lim, TaeGon  Oh, KyeongHee  Cho, JaeSeok Choi, TaeHo Song, Jaegul Lee
TS T16.2 258 SecurMining 2.0: A Data Mining Software Package for Security Analysis In the Portuguese Transmition System Cristina Agreira, Rui Pestana, Carlos Ferreira, Fernando Barbosa
TS T16.3 107 Short-Term Load Forecasting Without Weather Data: A Comparison Study İdil Işıklı, Tolga Yüksel, Mehmet Kurban
TS T16.4 231 Study of transient over voltages in distribution networks with using composite cross-arms Mohamad ali Amini, alireza sedighi anaraki, mohsen mashhadi bafan, 
Techical Sessions  (T17, T18, T19 & T20)
June 12, 2012 Tuesday, 14:00 - 15:30
Session 17 Reliability Analysis-IV Tuesday June 12, 14:00 -15:30
Chair   Chanan Singh, Texas A&M University, USA Room : 109
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS T17.1 275 A Heuristic Approach for Transmission System Reliability Assessment in Large Power Networks Farrokh Aminifar, Mahmud Fotuhi-Firuzabad, Amir Safdarian
TS T17.2 29 Assessment of Spare Breaker Requirements for High Voltage Load Stations Gomaa Hamoud, Sherif Faried
TS T17.3 313 A Realistic Method for Remaining Service Life Prediction of Power Transformer Yunus  BICEN, Faruk ARAS, Hasbi ISMAILOGLU
TS T17.4 230 Reliability Evaluation of Wind Farm with Battery Bank Wook-won Kim, Jin-O Kim, Je-Seok Shin
TS T17.5 11 Probabilistic Generation Expansion Planning using Z-Method Jamshid Aghaei, Alireza Roosta, Mohammad-Amin Akbari, Mohsen Gitizadeh
Session 18 Operation-I Tuesday June 12, 14:00 -15:30
Chair   George Anders, Technical University of Lodz, Poland Room : 107
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS T18.1 170 A Hybrid PSO and GA for Generation Allocation Problem Optimization Mimoun  Younes, Benhamida Farid 
TS T18.2 246 Gbest Guided Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Economic Load Dispatch Incorporating Wind Power H.T Jadhav, Utkarsh Sharma, Jay Patel, Ranjit Roy
TS T18.3 195 Optimal Flexible Solutions of Transfer Capability Assessment Muhammad Murtadha Othman, Nurulazmi Abd. Rahman, Ismail Musirin
TS T18.4 75 Fault Management at a Distribution System Operator Carl Johan Wallnerström, Sabina  Stenberg, Patrik Hilber
TS T18.5 47 The Effects of Uncertainty in Mechanical Parameters on SSR in Meshed Power Networks with Different HVDC Technologies Atia Adrees, Jovica Milanovic
Session 19 Smart Grid-III Tuesday June 12, 14:00 -15:30
Chair   Hugo A.Gil, University of Seville, Spain Room : 127
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS T19.1 226 Forecasting Spatial Average Insolation in Electric Utility Service Area based on Multi-Regional Weather Forecast Takeyoshi Kato, Kouki Suzuki, Yasuo Suzuoki
TS T19.2 261 Operational Characteristics of MicroGrids with Electric Vehicles Clara Gouveia, Paulo Ribeiro, Carlos Moreira, João Peças Lopes
TS T19.3 254 Improved methods for modelling asset aging to predict the quality of tomorrow power grids Jan Christoph Kahlen, Mirnes Planic, Markus Brandl, Uwe Zickler
TS T19.4 91 Optimized Adaptive Protection for Distribution Systems Penetrated with Distributed Generation  Mohamad  Sulaiman, Ahmed Osman, Mohamed  Hassan
Session 20 Uncertainty-I Tuesday June 12, 14:00 -15:30
Chair   Chris Dent, Durham University, UK Room : 215
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS T20.1 52 Capacity Value of Additional Generation: Probability Theory and Sampling Uncertainty Chris Dent, Stan Zachary
TS T20.2 64 Offering Strategies for a Wind Power Producer considering Uncertainty through a Stochastic Model H.M.I. Pousinho, V.M.F Mendes, J.P.S. Catalão
TS T20.3 93 Examining Information Entropy Approaches as Wind Power Forecasting Performance Metrics Bri-Mathias Hodge, Kirsten Orwig, Michael Milligan
TS T20.4 300 Stochastic OPF for the identification of weak network points under scenarios of wind locational uncertainty Georgios Papaefthymiou, Zongyu Liu, Lou van der Sluis
TS T20.5 43 Strategic investments and regulatory framework for distribution system planning under uncertainty  Marc Osthues, Gerardo  Blanco, Christian Rehtanz
Techical Sessions  (T21, T22, T23 & T24)
June 12, 2012 Tuesday, 16:00 - 17:30
Session 21 Operation-II Tuesday June 12, 16:00 -17:30
Chair   Mladen Kezunovic, Texas A&M Universty, USA Room : 109
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS T21.1 256 A Large Scale Stochastic Model for the solution of Medium Term Unit Commitment Problem in Power Systems with high RES Penetration Dario Siface, Maria Teresa Vespucci, Alberto Gelmini
TS T21.2 130 Advanced Fault Location Algorithm and Impact on Optimized Repair Crew Dispatch  Yimai Dong, Mladen Kezunovic
TS T21.3 245 A Probabilistic Farmework for Power System Operation Studies in Presence of Dispersed PV Generation Amir Saman Arabali, Moein Moeini-Aghtaie, Payman Dehghanian, Mahmud Ghofrani,  Ali Abbaspour
TS T21.4 38 Adaptive Reclosing Strategy Based on Estimation of Distributed Generation Penetration Level Hossam Talaat, Essam Al-Ammar
TS T21.5 223 Imperialist Competitive Algorithm for Optimal Design of the PID Controller for an AVR System Ugur Guvenc, Serhat Duman, İbrahim Akkaya
Session 22  Others-II Tuesday June 12, 16:00 -17:30
Chair   Ronald Herman, University of Cape Town, South Africa Room : 107
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS T22.1 72 Generation of Domestic Load Profiles - an Adaptive Top-Down Approach Christof Bucher, Göran Andersson
TS T22.2 179 An Observation Of A Nonlinear Power System Behavior Leading To Chaos  In The 3-Dimensional State Space Leyla  KURU, Ersen KURU
TS T22.3 299 Intellectual Voltage Regulation on Base of Fuzzy Sets Theory N.A. Yusifbayli, H.B. Guliyev
TS T22.4 228 An Elitist Artificial Bee Colony Based Size and Location of Distributed Generation in Radial Distribution System for Loss Minimization Khyati Mistry, Jay Patel, Utkarsh Sharma,  Ranjit Roy
Session 23 Energy Markets-II Tuesday June 12, 16:00 -17:30
Chair   Bagen Bagen, Manitoba Hydro, Canada Room : 127
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS T23.1 96 Comparison of Wind Power Bidding Strategies under Probabilistic Forecasts Hugo A. Gil, Jesus Riquelme Santos
TS T23.2 133 Stochastic dynamic programming for unified short and medium-term planning of hydro power considering market products Hubert Abgottspon, Matthias Bucher, Göran Andersson
TS T23.3 285 Optimal energy contract portfolio under price and credit risks- an integrated approach Leontina Pinto, Daniel Sica, Paula Leite, Jacques Szczupak
TS T23.4 210 Optimal Spinning Reserve Allocation in Electricity Markets Using Cost/Benefit Analysis Mohammad Hossein Ranjbar, Abolfazl  Pirayesh
TS T23.5 68 New Intelligent Approach in Short-Term Electricity Prices Prediction Towards Reducing Uncertainty G.J. Osório, J.C.O. Matias, H.M.I. Pousinho, J.P.S. Catalão
TS T23.6 102 Short-term load forecasting using RBF neural network and ANFIS in real-time price environment considering market elasticity Hadi Ahmadi, Mahmoud-Reza Haghifam
Session 24 Risk Analysis-II Tuesday June 12, 16:00 -17:30
Chair   Lina Bertling, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden Room : 215
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS T24.1 108 Monitoring vulnerability in power systems. Extraordinary events, analysis framework and development of indicators Gerd Kjølle, Oddbjørn Gjerde, Matthias Hofmann
TS T24.2 123 Application of Risk Assessment Method for Power System Interconnection Cost and Benefit Evaluation Anna Mutule, Oleg Kochukov, Zigurds Krishans, 
TS T24.3 244 Trigeneration system planning  based on decision theory Pierluigi Mancarella, Gianfranco Chicco, Angela Russo
TS T24.4 125 A Pre-Study Towards Investigating the Art of Choosing Right Level of Input Data Carl Joan Wallnerström, Patrik Hilber, Sabina Stenberg
TS T24.5 263 Probabilistic Resilience Model of Electric Power Systems Subjected to Hurricane Hazards Min Ouyang, Leonardo  Dueñas-Osorio
TS T24.6 187 Risk Limiting Dispatch: Empirical Study Ram Rajagopal, Janusz Bialek, Chris Dent, Robert Entriken, Felix Wu, Pravin Varaiya
Techical Sessions (W25, W26, W27 & W28)
June 13, 2012 Wednesday, 09:00 - 10:30
Session 25   Energy Markets-III Wednesday June 13,  09:00 -10:30
Chair   Ali Chowdhury, 8minutenergy Renewables, USA Room : 109
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS W25.1 145 Probability-weighted LMP and RCP for Day-Ahead Energy Markets using Stochastic Security-Constrained Unit Commitment Erik Ela, Mark O'Malley
TS W25.2 32 Multicriterial Optimization of Investment Costs in Case of the Reliability Centered Maintenance Ingo Jeromin, Gerd Balzer, Christoph Eichler, Marco  Fleckenstein
TS W25.3 161 Impact of Wind Curtailment Price on Day Ahead Energy Market Clearing Cem Sahin, Doğan Gezer, Abdullah Nadar
TS W25.4 189 A Probabilistic Methodology for Transmission Planning under Severe Uncertainties Eleftheria Contaxi, Costas Vournas, John Kabouris
TS W25.5 272 Incorporating Probabilistic Cost/Worth Analysis in Maintenance Prioritization of Power Distribution Components-A Practical Approach Payman Dehghanian, Moein Moeini-Aghtaie, Mahmud Fotuhi-Firuzabad
Session 26 Reliability Analysis-V Wednesday June 13,  09:00 -10:30
Chair   Armando Leite de Silva, Federal University of Itajuba, Brasil Room : 107
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS W26.1 265 Case study of impact of E-Mobility on power grid reliability: Reliability calculations of a low voltage power grid Lan Liu, Gerd Balzer, Alois Kessler, Felix Teufel
TS W26.2 114 Probabilistic Identification of Power System Reliability Map Selma Khalid E. Awadallah, Jovica Milanovic, Zhongdong  Wang
TS W26.3 148 Assessment of the Network Reliability Calculation in Transmission System Development Tasks  Artjoms Obushevs, Irina Oleinikova, Zigurds Krishans
TS W26.4 85 Reliability Evaluation of Underground Cable Systems used in Transmission Networks Bart Tuinema, Madeleine Gibescu, Mart van der Meijden, Lou van der Sluis
TS W26.5 97 Wind Turbine Generator Reliability Model considering Wind-speed Dependent Outage Rate  Manjun LIU, Lin CHENG, Xiaohui YE, Jin LIN, Xingmei QIN
Session 27 Smart Grid-IV Wednesday June 13,  09:00 -10:30
Chair   Prof. João Catalão, University of Beira Interior, Portugal Room : 127
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS W27.1 106 Study of test equations method's application for bad data detection in PMU measurements. Anna Glazunova, Irina Kolosok, Elena Korkina
TS W27.2 310 Vector Auto-regression Applied to UK Wind Speed data David  McMillan, David  Hill, Keith  Bell, Charles  Pumley, David  Infield
TS W27.3 136 Transfer Function Modeling of Wind Farm Characteristics using Dynamic Regression Binayak Banerjee, Dilan Jayaweera, Syed M. Islam
TS W27.4 274 Analysis of Rotor Angle Stability in a real-operating Micro-grid in Southern Brazil Robson Pires, Marcos Netto, Flávio  Becon-Lemos
Session 28 Operation-III Wednesday June 13,  09:00 -10:30
Chair   Peng Wang, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore  Room : 215
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS W28.1 160 Optimal Spinning Reserve Considering Customer Reliability, Load Forecast Uncertainty, and Wind Generation Intermittency Amir Mehrtash, Lalit Goel, Peng Wang
TS W28.2 152 A Transients’ Study of an Algerian Power System Network Based on ATP Software Saliha Boutora, Hamid  Bentarzi, Hamza Kerchou, Fateh Manai
TS W28.3 71 Wind Speed Time Series Generation for Dynamic Analysis: A Proposal Fidel Fernandez-Bernal
TS W28.4 309 TLL-Based Reconfiguration for Large-Scaled Distribution Networks with Time-Varying Loads Consideration Hamid Reza  Mirjalili, Ali Reza Sedighi, Mahmood Reza Mirjalili, Mahmood Reza Hagifam
Techical Sessions  (W29, W30, W31 & W32)
June 13, 2012 Wednesday, 11:00 - 12:30
Session 29   Power Quality-II Wednesday June 13,  11:00 - 12:30
Chair   Canbolat Ucak, Yeditepe University, Turkey Room : 109
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS W29.1 219 Development of Current Harmonic Estimation Method by Extreme Learning Machine Pyeong-Shik  Ji, Dae-Jong  Lee, Jong-Pil  Lee, Hyung-Chul  Kim,  Jae-Yoon   Lim
TS W29.2 67 An investigation into the Effects of Complex Supply Voltage Unbalance on Squirrel Cage Induction Motors Fatma Zohra Dekhandji, Larbi  Refoufi 
TS W29.3 209 Reactive Power Compensation in Transmission System Considering Static Load Modeling Babak Safari Touraj, Reza  Yousefi
TS W29.4 111 Active Power Compensation in Industrial Applications Using Statcom with Supercapacitors Alexander Yanushkevich, Josef Tlusty
TS W29.5 253 Development of a Quality Management System for Electric Power applied to Small Wind Turbines Oswaldo Hideo  Ando Junior, Mario Orlando Oliveira, João Mota Neto, Roberto Chouhy Leborgne, Arturo Suman Bretas, Anderson Diogo Spacek 
Session 30 Risk Analysis-III Wednesday June 13,  11:00 - 12:30
Chair   Patrik Hilber, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden Room : 107
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS W30.1 150 Wind Farm Capital Cost Regression Model for Accurate Life Cycle Cost Estimation David McMillan, Graham Ault
TS W30.2 14 Online reliabillity assesment of power system Arne Brufladt Svendsen, Jakob Eman, Trond Tollefsen, Jan Ove  Gjerde, Stig  løvlund, Tørris Digernes, Yngve Aabø
TS W30.3 238 Investigation of the Blackouts Complexity Regarding Spinning Reserve and Frequency Control in Interconnected Power Systems Omid Alizadeh Mousavi, Mokhtar Bozorg, Rachid Cherkaoui, Mario Paolone
TS W30.4 104 An aggregate network model acquired by elimination of frequency dependent load nodes Georgi Georgiev, Inga Zicmane, Eduard Antonov
TS W30.5 194 CDF-Based reliability insurance contracts Seyyed Mostafa Abedi, Mahmoud-Reza Haghifam
Session 31 Renewable-II, Wind Power Wednesday June 13,  11:00 - 12:30
Chair   Prof. Ying-Yi Hong, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan Room : 127
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS W31.1 8 Optimal Operation of Series Connected Turbines for Off-shore Wind Parks. Alejandro Garces, Marta Molinas
TS W31.2 213 A Copula-based Semiparametric Markov Model of Wind Generation Hamed Valizadeh Haghi, Mohammad Tavakoli Bina, Masoud Aliakbar Golkar
TS W31.3 113 Probabilistic guarantees for the N-1 security of systems with wind power generation Maria  Vrakopoulou, Kostas Margellos, John Lygeros, Goran  Andersson
TS W31.4 271 Wind Power Scenario Tree Tool:Development and Methodology Colm Lowery, Mark O'Malley
TS W31.5 88 A robust reserve scheduling technique for power systems with high wind penetration Kostas Margellos, Tobias Haring, Peter  Hokayem, Manuel Schubiger, John Lygeros, Göran Andersson
Session 32 Reliability Analysis-VI Wednesday June 13,  11:00 - 12:30
Chair   Panida Jirutitijaroen, National University of Singapore, Singapore Room : 215
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS W32.1 51 Reliability of Power System in Relation to Nuclear Power Plant Safety Marko  Cepin
TS W32.2 202 Evaluating the Performance of Small Autonomous Power Systems using Reliability Worth Analysis Yiannis Katsigiannis, Pavlos Georgilakis, Spyridon Papadopoulos, Marios Moschakis
TS W32.3 54 Scenario-Based Generation Expansion Planning for a Regional Electricity Network in Iran Mohsen Gitizadeh, Mahdi Kaji, Jamshid Aghaei
TS W32.4 26 Effects of Maintenance on Reliability of Probabilistic Maintenance Models  Saranga K Abeygunawardane, Panida  Jirutitijaroen
TS W32.5 289 A Method for Reliability Evaluation of Multi-Level Converters Mohammed Benidris, Joydeep Mitra, Salem Elsaiah
Techical Sessions  (W33, W34, W35 & W36)
June 13, 2012 Wednesday, 14:00 - 15:30
Session 33   Reliability Analysis-VII Wednesday June 13,  14:00 -15:30
Chair   Gerd Kjolle, Sintef Energy Research, Norway Room : 109
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS W33.1 115 Analysis and comparison of distribution system costs, dependant on underground cable and overhead lines’ fault probabilities and maintenance cost difference Ilze Priedite-Razgale, Aleksandrs Lvovs, Vilnis Kreslins
TS W33.2 109 Towards Reliability Centred Maintenance of Wind Turbines David McMillan, Graham Ault
TS W33.3 207 A Modified Minimal Cut Set Algorithm of Distribution System Reliability with Distributed Generator  Congqi YE, Lin CHENG, Xiaohui YE, Hao TIAN
TS W33.4 234 Multiple Outage Statistics in Turkish National Power Transmission System Aydogan Ozdemir, Mustafa Bagriyanik, Ilim Erden, Yener Akkaya
TS W33.5 214 A Hybrid Approach to Investigating the Distributional Aspects Associated with Reliability System Indices Mauro Rosa, Miguel Heleno, Diego Issicaba, Manuel Matos, Flavio Becon
Session 34 Renewable-III Wednesday June 13,  14:00 -15:30
Chair   Jamshid Aghaei, Shiraz University of Technology, Iran Room : 107
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS W34.1 240 Evolutionary Computation Based Size and Capacity Determination of Distributed Generation in Radial Distribution System for Loss Minimization Khyati Mistry, Ananya Deb, Ranjit Roy
TS W34.2 156 Web Based Online Realtime Information System considering Demand Side Management for Power Systems including Wind Turbine Generators Kyeonghee Cho, Jintaek Lim, Jaeseok Choi, Junmin  Cha
TS W34.3 290 On the Generation of Wind Velocity Scenarios  Jacques Szczupak, Denis Lage, Daniel Sica, Leontina Pinto
TS W34.4 162 Sizing of Renewable Energy Source for Profit Maximization of Individual Power Plant in Transmission Network Sung-Yul Kim, Je-Seok Shin, Wook-Won Kim, Jin-O Kim
TS W34.5 211 Scenario Reduction Based Economic Load Dispatch in a Power System Incorporating Wind Power Abolfazl Pirayesh, Mostafa Mohseni, Mohammad Hossein Ranjbar
Session 35 Electrical Machines-I Wednesday June 13,  14:00 -15:30
Chair   Lale Tukenmez Ergene, Istanbul technical University, Turkey Room : 127
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS W35.1 81 Hydro Turbine Speed Control based on Adaptive Disturbance Rejection and State Space PI Controller Tsonyo Slavov, Teofana Puleva
TS W35.2 206 DTC WITH SVM BASED ON HYSTERESIS Applied to the synchronous machine Bourourou Fares, Bouras Lakhdar, N. Golea
TS W35.3 312 Precision Voltage Transformer For AC Power Measurement Standard Burak Ayhan, Hüseyin Çaycı, Enis  Turhan, Canbolat UÇAK
TS W35.4 17 Optimizing of IP Speed Controller in FOC of  Induction Motor Using Particle Swarm Optimization Bekakra Youcef, Ben Attous Djilani
Session 36 Energy Markets-IV Wednesday June 13,  14:00 -15:30
Chair   Prof.Lou van der Sluis, Delft Universtiy of Technology, Netherlands Room : 215
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS W36.1 242 Forecasting of Extremely Low Prices in the Spanish Electricity Market: a Logistic Regression and Decision-Tree Approach Antonio Bello, Javier Reneses, Julián  Barquín
TS W36.2 250 Applying Probabilistic Nodal Pricing to a Multi-period Demand Response Nestor  Gonzalez, Guillermo Gutierrez
TS W36.3 306 A Study on Volatility Caused by Unprecented Uncertainties in Scenario-Based Decision Making  Veysel Sarıcı, Nazif Hülagü Sohtaoğlu
TS W36.4 181 Implementation of Supply Function Equilibrium Model in a Pay-as-Bid, Incomplete Information Electricity Market: Case study of Iran Electricity Market Asad  Lesani, Ashkan Rahimi-Kian, Javad Mohammadi, Behnam Alizadeh
TS W36.5 257 Transmission Expansion Planning Considering Alleviation Cost Maziar Karimi, Abolfazl Pirayesh
Techical Sessions  (W37, W38, W39 & W40)
June 13, 2012 Wednesday, 16:00 - 17:30
Session 37 Condition Monitoring- II Wednesday June 13,  16:00 -17:30
Chair   Levent Ovacik, ıstanbul Technical University, TURKEY Room : 109
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS W37.1 291 Modal Analysis of Measured Inter-Area Oscillations in the Mexican System Enrique Martínez Martínez
TS W37.2 48 Cable Segment Replacement Optimization Patrik Hilber
TS W37.3 92 Forecast of electrical equipment condition using Markov chains Grzegorz Kaflowski, Mustafa Kizilcay
TS W37.4 18 Investigation into Gas Characteristics Effect on Surface Discharges Apparition Seghier Tahar, Zegnini Boubaker, Mohamed Belkhiri, Djillali Mahi
TS W37.5 232 Determination of Maintenance Frequency of MV Overhead Line Based On Spectral Analysis Amin Moradkhani, Mahmoud-Reza Haghifam, Mohsen Mohammad Zadeh
Session 38 State Estimation-I Wednesday June 13,  16:00 -17:30
Chair   Cansin Evrenosoglu, Virginia Tech, USA Room : 107
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS W38.1 55 Pseudo-Measurement Placement  For Reliable State Estimation Murat Gol, Ali Abur
TS W38.2 314 A New State Estimation Algorithm Using Synchronized Phasor Measurements Bei Gou
TS W38.3 247 Enhanced Probabilistic Modeling of Phasor Measurement Errors in Hybrid SCADA-PMU State Estimation. Daniel Martins Bez, Antonio José Alves Simões Costa
TS W38.4 69 State Estimation Method for on-line Express Analysis of Available Transfer Capability of Transmission Lines Anna Glazunova, Elena Aksaeva
TS W38.5 118 Estimating Dynamic Response of a Synchronous Generator with Uncertain Parameters by Applying the Spectral Collocation Method Rastko Zivanovic
Session 39 Others-III, Power System Stability Wednesday June 13,  16:00 -17:30
Chair   V. M. Istemihan Genc, İstanbul Technical University, Turkey Room : 127
Session Paper ID Title Author(s)
TS W39.1 294 N-k-epsilon Survivable Power System Design Richard Chen, Amy Cohn, Neng Fan, Ali Pinar
TS W39.2 221 Tuning of UPFC and PSS Parameters for Improvement of Power System Stability Using HSA Mehrdad Hamidian, Alireza Rezazadeh, Mostafa Sedighizadeh, Maziar Karimi, Mehdi Shadmand
TS W39.3 243 A Classification Tree Based Optimal Generation Rescheduling Method for Small-Signal Stability V. M. Istemihan Genc
TS W39.4 35 Probabilistic Small Signal Stability Analysis of a Power System Consisting Intermittent wind Generation Temitope Raphael  Ayodele, Abdul-Ganiyu Adisa Jimoh, Josiah L. Munda, John T. Agee
TS W39.5 197 Probabilistic Small Signal Stability Analysis of power systems Containing Wind turbine Mohammad Mohammadi, Nazak Soleimanpour